Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Website!

Hello Friends & Family!
Jason and I finally got our old domain name up and running! The new blog will be located there for now on and he is in the process of making our new gallery section there as well! So check out the new site for our updates! We love you!
Jamie, Jason, & Lucas

Monday, August 10, 2009

::: Our Birthstory :::

I woke up Sunday morning (Aug 2nd) at 5am with some stomach cramps. I didn't think anything of it (although of course I was curious). I just figured my body is getting ready for labor one of these days since I was almost due. The day went a little longer b/c of my discomfort, but we went on as usual- We had my family over, nested, etc. The cramps weren't patterned, it just hurt randomly throughout the day and became more noticeable. Jason and I decided to get out for a bit. We went to get a few props for Bambino's newborn photo shoot, then grabbed some dinner after. We were in line paying at CVS, and I just told Jason I'd meet him out at the car and I split. I thought my water had broke! So we called the doc and they told us to come in. Immediately I got nervous, is this really it!?!? We went home and got ready with all our things "just in case" I think we were in total denial lol. We got to labor and delivery to be monitored and checked- they said I was 3cm and 80% effaced. They thought Bambino would soon be on his way, and asked if we wanted to be admitted and or go home and try to "sleep." Since I felt fine (for the most part) I wanted to go home and try to rest, or get things going in my own comfort zone. I felt I could labor at home much better.
On the way home I already noticed the cramps getting stronger and more discomfort. I think all the exams, etc. helped move things along as well. I swear as soon as we were home and settled- and I was hoping to rest- not so much. By now it was Monday- in the middle of the night. I was knew this was it. The pain was getting stronger and at this point I knew these were contractions and they freakin hurt! I couldn't "sleep" but I was trying to stay calm and just rest. It came to a point where I couldn't rest anymore. I was up and down, in and out of the bathroom, restless, lying on the floor, then in the bed, then rocking in our office chair, swaying off the bed. I couldn't stop moving and the pain was nooooooo bueno! Jason was timing my contractions and before we knew it, he was like honey I think its time to go. Once again, I was in denial, lets just wait a little longer. This cant be it lol I guess I just didn't know what to expect being my first child- all I knew was it hurt! He realized they were less then 5 minutes apart, then 3, and at that point I wanted to go. I figured the car ride there, getting admitted, staying in the "drug" time frame lol, etc. So it was off we went! The car ride absolutely sucked- I couldn't move around, but I needed to so bad- the car ride was sooooo long! We arrived at the hospital around 3:45 (and I didn't know but my family was already there- lol they knew this was it- I was still in denial lol) The pain was getting worse each contraction and all I could do was moan- its a natural reaction- there is nothing else you can do lol. I knew we were making progress because everything bugged me- and that's what I've heard about when your in true labor lol. The way I was touched, the sound of Jason's phone, people asking me questions, etc. When they came, I wanted to handle it on my terms! They checked me soon after we were admitted and I was almost 5cm and effacing more, and I thought- that's it!?!?!?
They got me settled into a room and on the monitors. I was in so much pain, but relieved everything was going okay and I was surrounded by Jason and my family. At this point the pain was only getting more and more unbearable lol and I thought it was going to be a looooong night (or should I say morning). I knew the anesthesiologist was in surgery, so I had about an hour to decide if I wanted an epidural. I figured I'd wait and see (not thinking hes not on my terms lol) So and hour and a half goes by, and ohhh god I didn't know if I could do this! You know the worse part- it wasn't necessarily the contractions, it was my back pain. I'm assuming this is the 'back labor' I have heard about from some. It was horrible and that's what made my labor so hard this whole time. I couldn't comprehend giving birth when my back felt like this. So at this point an epidural was on my mind lol and she checked me and I was 8cm and we were making great progress (and I sure felt it!) She then said, their are a couple people ahead of me for an epidural, and I looked at her like- you need to fix that! she made a call and got him to come to me first lol and as soon as I saw the anesthesiologist I told him I loved him haha. The whole pregnancy I was scared and wanted to avoid the epidural, so it was great that I felt like such crap because at that point I didn't care what happened- as long as this pain went away! The epidural was nothing like I thought it would be, it didn't hurt to get and it didn't make me feel like I thought it would. Honestly the worst part about it was getting the horrible shakes from it, but I'll take that over the pain I had lol
So now things were much much better! I could barely feel my contractions, and decided to have some me time and rest for what I could and hopefully my shakes would subside. Before I knew it, the sun was out and I was surrounded by more family. Jason's mom and brother arrived, and then our dads walked in just in time. They had checked me and said it was time to push! I couldn't believe the time had finally come, I just had to get through this last part. I was hoping I was one of those stories that pushed 10 minutes and was done, but not so much. I pushed for over 45 minutes and I thought he would never come, every time I looked at the mirror and didn't feel like we were making any progress. She told me I would need an episiotomy which I wasn't too happy about, but again I just wanted him out and was in the moment- lets just get this done. Finally he was here! She slowed down removing him to suction him since there was meconin. Once I heard his cries my heart melted because I knew he was really here finally. It was such a release to get him out and finish pushing. Although I wasn't going anywhere fast since I needed some stitches and to still deliver the placenta (which was disgusting by the way lol) Jason got to cut the umbilical cord and he was free at last! After making sure all was well and he was suctioned good, it was family time. I remember when they put him in my arms- the feeling was indescribable. Jason and I just looked and looked and looked at our little guy, he is absolutely precious! We also couldn't believe how small he was, we were expecting a big'ol baby- but he's our little peanut ;)
Overall, I can't complain. Everything went smoothly and both of us are healthy. I feel so blessed with our experience and it felt great to make it t hrough it (lol something I doubted haha) Actually, I think the recovery after birth is just as rough sometimes. I definitely not doing cart wheels right now, my body hurts and I feel very slowed down. Im looking forward to feeling my best again, it will help me get the extra boast that I need. Lucas has been a wonderful baby and doing great. We have already established a favorable routine and it doesn't get any better then this. Jason and I are working hard to help eachother as well as incorporate family time, and I feel like its a perfect mix. One happy family. . .

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bambino's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'd like to welcome our precious baby boy into the world! Lucas David Zindroski was born Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 10:13 am. Our little bundle of joy weighed in at 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long! He has definitely changed our world and it feels amazing to finally have him here! We are home sweet home again enjoying every single second and adjusting with the little guy. Stay tuned for many many pictures to come and our birth story! Much love to you all, thank you for all of your love and support!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

39 Weeks!!! But whose counting!?!?!?

Well were at the last of our count down! We had a great 39 week checkup yesterday and all is well! I am 2cm dilated and now we just wait- the balls in his court now :) Jason really thought he'd be here today (July 28th), so I guess I won the bet! I still think he's going to be late! My guess is around August 7th??? So time will only tell now! I have been feeling great- so no complaints! I can tell my body is getting ready and experiencing some changes though. So for now, were just finishing up last minute things and enjoying some freedom! Stay tuned!!!!!!!

I went out with the girls the other day- and enjoyed a preggie massage! Then after dinner my fortune cookie said "Expect a big surprise this weekend!!!" I saved it just in case ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

38 Weeks & Counting!!!

Well things are about the same, still 1cm dilated and -2 station, but were effacing a little more (70% now). I'm done working for the next couple of weeks but I feel as busy as ever lately- which is both bad and good. In between it all, were just enjoying our time together and 'freedom' the next couple days until he comes. The weather seems to be the hardest to deal with, but overall I feel great! I'm getting nervous to deliver and when I have those longer braxton hicks contractions or restless nights- I think, is this it???? lol I know I'm most likely jumping the gun- but I'm not going to lie- the unknown of it all can get me a little anxious! Jason has been an amazing husband as usual, taking good care of us, helping us get ready for the little guy, and most of all him being home for change makes all the difference- we love having daddy home (Tommy does too!) Just 2 weeks~ TICK TOCK!

Happy Bithday Cora!!!!
A beautiful afternoon in Newport to celebrate Cora's B-day!

Somebody's getting big!
More pool days!
My back loves it and I don't feel so fat lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

37 Weeks & Counting!!!

Ohhhhhhh boy! We can't even grasp how soon the little guy will be here, just 3 weeks really? Will I make it? Will he be late or early? What will he look like? How much will he weigh? Its funny now all the thoughts we ponder and hearing what people think. We're actually getting approached a lot now- people don't think I'm just fat anymore hahaha I guess its finally obvious I'm pregnant after all these months- or they just feel 'safe' enough to ask. People want to help you, talk to you, touch the belly, etc. Its funny, because I'm actually doing fine and hangin in there. I was expecting a much different last month I guess. Yes, sometimes the heat gets to me pretty bad, or when I get new sensations in my belly I get nervous, but overall I'm feeling great. My worst days are when my SPD acts up- there is nothing like a split pubic bone- it can be very painful sometimes. Sometimes I can't even walk or get out of bed when I have to pee at night lol- its so frustrating and its making me wonder what affects it will have on the labor. I guess we'll have to wait and see. . .

We are now 37 weeks along, and frequenting the Dr's office weekly now. I am now 1cm dilated, and still 60% effaced and at a -2 station. I know things can change quickly- or not at all- so we're just waiting until D-day! At least somethings getting done in my body lol I figure its less I have to do later ;)

Some summer fun @ Rhi's housewarming party!

We spent the evening at the Sawdust Festival on Sunday!

Bambino's Room!

After much work and re-arranging the house to fit our new addition, Bambino's nursery is finally done! We have most everything we need and last on the list is to secure the hutch to the wall and put the back panel in before he comes! It feels so good to have the room complete and a space for the little guy! We hope he likes it too! Man, he's not even here yet and the whole house is consumed with all of his stuff! lol

The pics below are from the wonderful Cari Hollis!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

36 Weeks & Counting!!!

Yesterday we had our 36 week appointment and it went great!!! We are very excited to share that Bambino is no longer breech!!!! During our appointment she had a feeling he still may be breech and we discussed some options which I of course was not too happy about, like physically turning him (Nope, sorry!) or scheduling a C-section, etc. So she sent us to get a quick ultrasound- and to our surprise- there was his big head right where it should be! Yes I cried, but thats just the hormones right lol? So, I guess all the flips in the pool this weekend paid off ;) It was great to see him again- he looks huge! They even could tell he had a head of hair hahahah he's going to be our little monkey baby ;) We're not surprised though- both of us were born with a full head of hair too! So it turned out to be a great appointment- lets just hope he stays right there! Other then that, Im not dialated or anything. He's just at a -2 station and 60% effaced- so were coming along nicely! We now have weekly appointments- so we think this last month will just fly by! One month left! TICK TOCK

We caught Daddy outside putting together the stroller and carseat! YAY!

Jason made sure I knew what I was doing haha Me?

36 Weeks & Counting!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!! Today is a special day for us, 2 years ago today Jason proposed to me on our Vegas vacation- it was absolutely amazing and a wonderful memory we will always have. So its a special day down in our books now! We also woke up this morning and realized- Hey, its the 4th- Bambino's due in exactly one month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't believe were down to the last stretch! To top it off we get to have a wonderful 4 day weekend together and Jason will be race free for a couple of weeks!!! Whooohooooo!!! I guess we should enjoy every second before the little guy gets here!!!

So this weekend was fun filled- enjoying family time, some R&R, pool days (which we fried btw haha), and getting some things ready for the little guy! Packin bags, getting the stroller and car seat ready, organizing his room, etc. you know all that fun nesting stuff that I'm addicted to ;) We have our 36 week appointment on Monday- so I will post that update soon!

Spending some time in the Harbor!
We saw this little guys from afar- then he came right up to us!
Having some fun in the sun (before we got fried! lol)

In our special spot- waiting for the fire works to start!

More pool days~ Hangin with the family!

Stay tuned for our 36 week update on Tuesday!!!
Love, Jamie, Jason, & Bambino

Friday, June 26, 2009

The King Lives On!

Im starting to wonder just how much Bambino winds up like his father lol

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome Charolette Nicole!!!

We're excited to announce another precious baby girl has been welcomed into the world!!! My friend Erin had an adorable baby girl last week- I know so because I saw her myself and I just melted! Seriously, there are baby girls everywhere haha at least Bambino will have some options- lets not get ahead of ourselves though ;) Anyway, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with them last night and I borrowed Jason's 'professional' camera so I cold snap a few newborn pics of this love bug! She is so tiny and loves to curl up in a little ball- I couldn't stop looking at all her preciousness! Im excited to have some playdates very soon with our kiddos, they won't be too far apart! CONGRATS again Erin & Nick!!!! Many blessings to your new family. . .
Charolette Nicole @ Just 5 Days Old!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Maternity Pictures!!!!

Whooohooooo we have some teasers!!! Jason and I were excited to take some maternity pictures last week with the talented Cari Hollis! As all of you know, we love pictures, so of course we wanted to have memories of this special time! We had a blast that day and got to take them in some great spots! Jason and I even got it the freezing ocean to take a few haha! Cari was great to work with and gave us memories that will last a lifetime! We cannot thank you enough Cari!!!!
Here are a few teasers from her blog!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Shower!!!

We had our baby shower this past weekend and it was awesome! Its finally that time to start getting things ready for the little guy! It was so nice spending time with friends and family, I can't believe how much closer were getting and were all just waiting for him now! A big thank you to everyone for helping us prepare for Bambino~ we truly appreciate it! As well as a special thank you to my mom and sisters for all of their love & support, and for planning us a wonderful shower! We can't wait for everyone to meet him!!!
7 weeks & Counting~ TICK TOCK!!!

The Mommy & Daddy To Be!

My Girls!

Thank you for all the clothes Aunties!!!! whoohooo!!!

Our favorite~ Fresh Strawberry Cake!!!

A beautiful diaper cake from our very own talented April! Thank you!!!

Aunt Diane made Bambino a beautiful quilt! We love it!!!

More goodies for Bambino!!!

33 weeks & counting!!!

Poor kid~ hes has some weird parents lol

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

32 Weeks & Counting!!!

We are officially 32 weeks, so the 8 week countdown begins! We have been busy busy lately! Yesterday, we had a great Dr's appointment, I always love hearing our little guys heartbeat! He is still breech- but hopefully that will change soon! We now have to visit the Dr's every 2 weeks- I can't believe were at this point now! So other then that- we have been nesting away, taking care of a long todo list before he gets here, started our childbirth class, Uncle Tony finished putting up the chair rail in the nursery (whoohooo!), and now excited for the shower this weekend! To top it off- Daddy has this coming weekend off- which we appreciate ohhh so dearly!!! Bambino feels the excitement too- he has been moving around like crazy, and always gives us a show when we sing or talk to him! We can't wait to meet our little guy!
Taaa-daaa! Chair rail is done!
Just need some touch up paint- and were finished!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Work in Progress!!!

Chelsea and I busted our butts in Bambino's room on Thursday!!! I can't believe how much we got done and what we accomplished! ....and Booyyyyy am I exhausted! It started out slow- since I was clueless on what colors to choose and how I wanted the room, but Chelsea used her expertise and helped make some decisions! We wound up with a chair rail AND strips on one wall! I never would of thought we could have this- I feel so accomplished! So it is all coming together and lookin good!!! Daddy has been awesome and putting together all Bambino's new furniture and it makes me realize how soon our little guy will actually be here and that this is HIS room! We have a few more things to take care of and then it will be complete! Thanks again Chelsea!!! I am so lucky to have all of your help~ You're awesome!

Next on our list: Curtains, putting up a chair rail, and then the fun stuff- decorating!!! Stay tuned for the finished product!

Here is a sneak peak at the progress. . .
I was torn between blues or grays- so we did both! The gray has a 'beige' hue to it which helps flow together with the carpet and chair, as well as warm up the room a little! Tony & Kim gave us the idea to incorporate a chair rail originally- and it hit me that day- that's how I'd get the best of both worlds getting my 2 colors!

To top it off- we got our stripes too! Its the same color- we just alternated between flat and high gloss finish!